Setbacks, Injuries, and Mindset

Hey, guys! It’s Rob Miller.

I’m a Police Officer out of the Northeast Oklahoma area. I’ve been working out since I was 12 years-old. Right now, I’m weighing 185 at 6% body fat. You’re probably thinking, Alright, he’s in great shape. We’ll, I like to think I am. But, recently I had umbilical/hernia surgery and the doctor happened to find a lymph node that was swollen. I won’t lead you on, I’m fine and there was nothing wrong with it.

Having said that, it put me in check real fast!

It made me think about my family and my health in a totally different way. I was down for two full weeks and couldn’t touch a weight. I realized that I was putting too much into my work outs and I depended on a lift complete my day.

Don’t get wrong, I love to work out, but it helped me reevaluate my life and realize I needed more of a balance. I’m more intentional when I work out now, meaning I get in and get out. I focus more on what I’ve always known. To be more specific, I focus more on the contraction of the muscle and time under tension, mostly because I can’t lift over 15 lbs right now.

Ego checked at the door! Ten years ago that would have been really hard to do. I would have hidden out in my garage and pounded out 15’s until I got back to where I felt comfortable working out in a gym again.

We all have setbacks sometime. What’s cool is when we fall, get back up and learn our limits. Sometimes physical injuries are just what we need to help us work on our mental outlook and expectations. Check your mindset, check the role and balance of fitness in your life, because when you’re a dad it’s not just about you anymore.