TRT aka Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT! Say it with me! Louder! TRT! All us together now! TRT!

Most of you will say, “What are you you doing, man, yelling that out? I don’t want anyone to know I’m on Testosterone Therapy! Are you crazy?” Well, I’m not crazy, but I am the TRT banner-waving guy. Lets get that out there and let me briefly educate those who don’t know the main reason for this type of therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps to replenish a those with low testosterone levels (what is usually a naturally forming hormone) with a synthetic form.

As we age, this hormone diminishes, leaving nothing but misery behind. Once you hit about 35 years-old, you are more likely to feel run. At this point, so many things within the male body start to change.  Mostly bad.  Like added fat throughout the belly, low energy and fatigue, lower sexual drive, and passiveness, just to name a few.

So, as us guys get older, we generally start feeling worse. We start to feel broken down. And its normal.

So here you are, you’re older and hopefully more stable. Your’re able to go do things in life because you have some cash and  settled down, but at the same time you feel like shit most days. You get tired easily. You cant can’t seem to start new projects because you have no will get up.

Without the proper amounts of testosterone in your body, this is gonna happen. Trust me. Been there done that. The reason for this type of therapy is to give your body what it used to make naturally on its on when you were younger and felt a little more bullet proof. Having this type of therapy will have you living life the way you choose without feeling so helpless and weak.

Now, let me dive into this subject a little deeper. You don’t want anyone to know your on TRT. Okay. No biggie. Don’t tell anyone, its your life. But, we need to stop acting like its a negative or taboo. We need to end the non-stop bantering with “but its steroids!” Smh!

Stop already! We are men. We need Testosterone in our body to function. The minute it starts to fade away and diminish, I would think a guy would want to do what is necessary to get the levels back up to “normal,” no? If you want to feel rundown, fat in the belly, with no sex drive that is totally up to you. I choose to remain a man and be active.

Up until a few years ago, we didn’t have this therapy to go to. We just dealt with it or found other ways to get testosterone.  Today, if a man is considered “low T” a doctor can prescribe TRT (which is a legal script, just as any other prescription written by a doctor.)

You’re probably wondering (just as I did years ago), “Do I have low T?” My friends, there is only one way to find out, and that is to visit your general practitioner. Go get your blood checked. You will either find out your testosterone level is “normal” or “below normal.” Normal ranges are typically 280-1070. Based on the results of your blood test, your doctor may or may not write you a script, but at least you will have information to help you get your life back and be healthier.

My next article will cover the steps and guidelines of being on TRT, so stay tuned!