Reps, Reps, and more Reps!

Good morning, gents! I’m going to keep it brief today. I’m no fitness guru, but I’ve learned a thing or two (and all the guys on this site have nothing but awesome fitness knowledge.) Today I want to talk about reps! You probably see this all over fitness forums and vlogs: less weight and more […]

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Head to Toe

Hey guys, I went to the gym last week and my intention was to cardio on the treadmill for at least two miles. Sometimes I like to just walk, clear my mind, and listen to music. There’s always funny action at the gym and I’m a huge fan of people watching. It was in the […]

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Meal prep 101

Hello, DadBodFit family, Hope all is well and everybody is making it through another busy work week. Speaking of busy, we are all so busy these days, it’s easy to just stop at that fast food restaurant and grab a burger or taco, or some other bag of grease and sugar. Today I want to […]

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So you’re “Low T”? Guide Part 2

So now you kinda understand why guys may need testosterone replacement therapy and you have learned the various ways you can replenish you levels. You have since been given a prescription for one of the three applications mentioned in Part 1. So whats the deal now, you’re asking. Why can’t you just take your prescribed weekly […]

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