Feeder Workouts

Happy Labor Day to all!

A couple of years back, I stumbled upon the concept of Feeder Workouts to supplement your day-to-day weight training regiment. I typed into YouTube How to make your arms bigger? A video from the late Rich Piana popped up and I was intrigued.

He said that before you go to bed, you take a light weight and perform three sets of high reps of Hammer Curls and Tricep extensions. Rich would perform 60 reps of Hammer Curls and lay on his back and then perform 100 reps of Tricep extensions. This would be repeated three times and then he would go to bed.

The thought process would be that this would help clear your mind before bed and therefore you sleep better and you have a pump while you sleep. Your body would burn calories and repair it self creating muscle growth. Rich explained that this can be accomplished with any of the major body parts i.e. chest, shoulders, and arms. I quickly learned that “over-training” is a myth and your body will adapt to the challenge it is faced with.

I committed to applying this concept for one week and religiously stuck to it for seven days.  My muscles were tight in the morning and full throughout the next day. On top of that, I did not have any soreness preventing me from working out and completing my normal routine.

Below are the feeder exercises, and feel free to modify the reps or weight to accommodate your level.


  • Hammer Curls and Tricep Extensions, 10-20 lbs (40 to 100 reps each)


  • Floor Dumbbell Press and Floor Dumbbell Fly’s, 10-20 lbs (40 to 100 reps each)


  • Shoulder Fly’s and Bent over Rear Delt Fly’s, 10-20 lbs (40 to 100 reps each)

Do each for a week at a time and try adding different exercises or appling it to different body parts. Attempt to do them at night, but their are times I complete my feeder workouts at the end of my weight training session.

Feel free to comment below and enjoy!