Injuries…To Train or Not to Train?

A little over a month ago I was at the gym with my wife and we were working legs. We had just arrived and it was packed for a Monday evening. We worked our way to the leg press machine and started our routine.

I wanted to get a deep stretch because I wasn’t sure I would be squatting that day. I decided I would spread my feet farther apart and try to accomplish the stretch. Second set in, as I was going down, a gunshot went off in the gym and I knew something was wrong. My left inner thigh (groin) had popped and the pain was horrific. We immediately left and I went to the ER the next morning. I had severely torn one of my abductor muscles in my groin and had to stop working out a few days (I even missed work due to the pain of the injury).

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

The doctor was pretty certain the injury would need time to heal and said I could see an orthopedic doctor if the pain didn’t subside. I immediately thought, “How is this going to effect my workouts and my quality of life?” In my mind, this was catastrophic.

I let the injury rest a few days and felt my leg becoming tight and stiff. I decided to start walking on it and eventually decided to go back to the gym because I was antsy, anxious and becoming “stir crazy” laying on the couch. I committed to not let my leg defeat my progress and work I had put in.

I made sure to walk on a treadmill and stretch the muscles while continuing to work body parts that were not effected. It was an awesome feeling to attack my body with a mindset of not being defeated.

I had a minor set back, but was not derailed from my goals. This was an empowering moment for me.

My injury started to heal and I began to test my limits out with weights. I started very light and allowed myself to push the injured area only if there was no pain. If pain occurred, I adjusted and made sure my exercises were pain free. I discussed different strategies with older guys at my gym who had their own issues with shoulder pain and other nagging injuries that could affect their weight training.

I am still not 100% healed and have not regained all my lower body strength, but I didn’t quit nor did this injury derail me from my goals to be healthy. Continue to press forward and keep making progress. There’s always a way to work around obstacles. Be a beast!