Your Beginning, Someone’s Middle

When I started working out again years ago I noticed myself looking at other guys in and out of the gym as well as in the magazines I was reading. I would look at them and then I would automatically get down on myself. I know that was silly, but I beat myself up often back then.

During those times I would slump down and I could sense my attitude change from  positive to negative. “Why cant I seem to look like them,” I would ask myself and I had no answers. I was at a loss, but as time moved on from months to years and my body changed and my eating got better my outlook improved. I grew bigger. I ate better. I was on track and I was a lot healthier.

Then one day after a few years in the gym, a guy came up to me while I was working out. I had seen him in the gym many times before, but we’d never spoken. He asked me something that, in turn, caused me to finally answer that lingering question of my own; a question I asked myself many times before but I didn’t have an answer, until now.

He asked me, “Why can’t I look like you do?”

He said he has seen me in the gym daily, weekly, monthly and yet he couldn’t seem to grow like me. He told me he has been working out for about six months, eats well, sleeps well, lifts heavy, etc. He wanted to know why he wasn’t getting as big as I was even though, in his mind, we were about the same age, both working out daily and lifting similarly on many exercises.


Did you hear what he said to me? Did you catch it?

It took me a few sentences for it to sink in. He said he has been in the gym for about six months. Wow! I got it now! The answer to my old question.

I remember telling him nicely that I have been putting my time in here five days a week for two years. He has been in here for six months. Surely he couldn’t expect the same results as me so soon in his journey?

So, here I am writing for dadbodfit and this is a great place to pullout the lesson that that young guy and I learned together years ago.

In your quest to get fit, get big, get shredded or just get the gut off, don’t compare yourself to others. When you see someone looking shredded or you see a tight stomach, remember they have put time and effort into get where they are. They ate well (for an eternity it seems). They walked, ran, crunched, pushed, and pulled in their quest to be healthy and fit.

To minimize all the variables put into being healthy/fit is kind of a lame thing we all do and minimizes the actual effort of others. On the other hand, when we beat ourselves up because the results don’t seem to happen as quickly as we’d like, we’re doing a disservice to ourselves.

The lesson I am passing down is to be you and only you. Its your journey, its your way. Don’t judge your beginning against someone else’s middle. Your body will be friendly to you if you give it time and as time moves along, you will change because of all the work you have put in.

Only then will you realize the craziness you had in your head when you once thought, “Why don’t I look like them?”