Family Affair….

My 15 year old son just wrapped up his football season and decided to start his off season workouts. He is not in High School yet, and isn’t capable of working out during school. The man child is 5’10 and around 230 lbs. He has been making good eating choices (avoiding chips and sodas).  I have approached him like I would any beginner wanting “training tips”.  He is doing head to toe workouts with ab/core exercises incorporated. I have told him to commit to 3 cardio sessions and at least 3 head to toe weight training sessions a week. Anything else is icing on the cake! I have him resting about 30 seconds between sets to have his heart rate up during the workout. Cardio can be the stair stepper, HIIT Cardio, or a good old fashion run. He has three workouts under his belt and putting in the work. Olympic lifts for strength will start in May. He plays defense and has the potential to be a very good Defensive Linemen. Wanted to share with my Dadbod family. It was an awesome feeling to pass on fitness tips and invest in my own. Enjoy the weekend…I will let you guys know what we add and his progression!