A word on gaining……and a word on sissies!!!

Hello DadBodFit family. Hope all is well and everybody is having a good Christmas season. That sounds funny to say doesn’t it? Can’t beleive it the Christmas season. I’ve been trying to bulk up a little bit in preparation for a physique contest next year so I wanted to talk a little bit about that. I have been having a hard time gaining weight. I don’t really weigh on a scale, but mainly by how I look in the mirror. At the urging of my good friends, John Branch and Zack Smith I have dropped my protein down a bit and bumped up my carbohydrates these last couple of week and viola! I seem to be putting on a little size. I still have about 6 months to bulk so it will be exciting to see how much I can push it and gain. I have changed my workouts a bit. Increased my rest time between sets to 2 1/2 minutes for large body parts and 2 minutes for smaller body parts. I’m keeping my rep range around 10-12 per set and about 4 exercises per body part. It seems to be working well! I will try to post updated pics every month or so if I can get up the nerve. I’m only doing light cardio once a week and taking Sunday completely off. That’s the 1st time I’ve done that in years. Now to switch gears. I hope everybody was happy with the outcome of the Big 12 championship game. I was very happy that OU came out on top. I was pretty disappointed with all of the horns down drama. I’m sure everybody has heard enough about it and seen a lifetime worth of memes about it but I gotta give my quick opinion so here it goes. This is yet another issue of a sissified society bowing down to a small number of gripers. The men playing this game should be, and are tough enough to handle a hand signal. Notice I called them men, because they are. They are 18-24 year olds that weigh from 180 to 300 pounds most of whom could bench press a Volkswagen and eat as much as a small horse. We have our military men and women that are as young as 18 and our police men and women as young as 21. I myself started out in law enforcement at 21 as a Deputy Sheriff. I’m tired of hearing about the hurting of these football players feelings. And I’m not even gonna address the coaches that griped about a hand signal! A hand signal! Wow Barry Switzer must be appalled and I’m sure Darrell Royal is up in heaven smiling because he knows none of those guys would be able to make his team anyway! I hope to God the pendulum of our weakening society swings back the other way soon. I pray it’s in my lifetime. Ok ok. Enough for my rant. I promise my next post will be about some new supplement or an exercise that makes your biceps explode. Until then…… don’t you dare throw a horns down,horns up, a rock on, hang loose, middle finger or gang sign. If you do the liberals in Austin may up and move to Colorado State!!! For the record, I love Texas. I’ve always said if I didn’t live in the Sooner state. I’d be a Texan for sure!! I’d just be a Sooner living in Texas!