Let’s Nickel and Dime this New Year!!

Well Happy New Year from the DadBodFit family. Hope Christmas was great. I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I have no excuse just felt kinda funky with the recent depressing weather. Thought I would talk a little bit today about the New Year and New Years resolutions. There is always a huge increase in gym memberships the 1st few weeks of the year with a steady decline afterwards. So, how do you stay motivated. How do you keep it up all year until next New Years Day!? Well here is where I like to start! Have a clear cut hard goal! Mine is a physique competition in about 9 months. Last year it was a summertime beach trip. Now those are more longterm goals. Examples for you might me a decrease in body fat composition or a faster mile run time. Second have a more shortterm goal such as increase workout days from 3-4 days a week to 4-5 days a week. Add 10 pounds to your bench. Maybe even just increase your plank time by 1 minute! Something more easily attained. Ya gotta have those little victories that help build up to the big wins!! As far as nutrition goes. Start small. Maybe stop drinking pop, and a few weeks later then cut out or decrease bread. Then a few weeks later start using stevia instead of table sugar etc. etc. you get the idea. Nickel and dime it and next thing ya know you are eating 5-6 healthy meals a day. Drinking plenty of water, killing your workouts and firing on all cylinders! That last comment was for DadBodFit brother Adam! You want your body firing on all cylinders like a high performance sports car! I first heard Adam use that term years ago and it always made since to me. I think about it often. So remember to just nickel and dime it with small victories and you will look up next New Years Day and realize you don’t need any holiday to achieve your best body yet! Be on the lookout for future posts. It’s time to ramp up the workout routines and healthy recipes in the next few weeks. Until then!!!!! You got this!!

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