Magic Pills

Sorry, I’ve neglected to post again… I’ll do better I promise! Anyways here we go… Magic pills are dope! Just kidding. Sure there are supplements that can help you build muscle; but you’ve still got to put in the work. We’ve all seen those commercials for a pill that make a lot of promises of […]

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When old school isn’t cool

Hello DadBodFit family. Hope all is well as we are battling ice storm 2019,Ha!! So last week I had to go to the doctor for a small medical issue. I checked out and left like always. As I was walking out I kinda glanced at my paperwork. It had my blood pressure and heart rate. […]

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So you need a boost?

Wow! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it has been too long! I’m going to start to try and do a new post hopefully once a week. Anyway, lets talk about pre-workout. Until a few months ago, I had no idea what pre-workout was! Basically it’s like an energy drink you take to get […]

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