The “KarateKid Workout”

Hey guys, I meant to make this post last Friday but got busy. Better late than never, right?!

Today I’m going to give you a workout that contains calisthenics as well as cardio exercises. This is a modified version of what we do at the karate school I train at, so here is what I’ve dubbed the “KarateKid Workout”.

The first four exercises involve squat kicks. After each squat you do a kick, 10 kicks/squats for each leg. And I’m not talking about no sissy half squats, I mean ass to grass!

  1. 20 Squat front kicks
  2. 20 squat side kicks
  3. 20 squat roundhouse kicks
  4. 20 squat back kicks
  5. 10 palm push-ups
  6. 10 fingertip push-ups
  7. 10 knuckle push-ups (first two knuckles!)
  8. 10 burpees – 3 sets
  9. 100 leg lifts
  10. 10 handstand push-ups – 3 sets (do these against a wall if you can’t get 10 then do 5)
  11. 10 pull-ups – 3 sets
  12. 1-minute cardio bag/punching bag workout. (1 minute of non-stop punching and or kicking.)
  13. 1 minute rest.
  14. repeat #12 and 13 three more times.
  15. Done!

That’s it! You should be pretty spent after this, you can modify this to your ability as well. Don’t push yourself too hard!