Ab Attack

    As we start a New Year, I am excited for what the future holds. Life is moving in a positive direction. Workouts are going good and the diet is consistently low carb with a sprinkle of vegetables. My goal this year is to be more consistent  with addressing my abs and core. I […]

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Family Affair….

My 15 year old son just wrapped up his football season and decided to start his off season workouts. He is not in High School yet, and isn’t capable of working out during school. The man child is 5’10 and around 230 lbs. He has been making good eating choices (avoiding chips and sodas).  I […]

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Head to Toe

Hey guys, I went to the gym last week and my intention was to cardio on the treadmill for at least two miles. Sometimes I like to just walk, clear my mind, and listen to music. There’s always funny action at the gym and I’m a huge fan of people watching. It was in the […]

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Feeder Workouts

Happy Labor Day to all! A couple of years back, I stumbled upon the concept of Feeder Workouts to supplement your day-to-day weight training regiment. I typed into YouTube How to make your arms bigger? A video from the late Rich Piana popped up and I was intrigued. He said that before you go to bed, […]

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K.I.S.S. Method

K.I.S.S. This post is not about the band, but about my approach to fitness. I have been on the “fitness” journey the majority of my adult life starting back when I played sports in high school. I married young and started a family. I became a police officer and my real journey began. I was […]

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