Ab Attack

    As we start a New Year, I am excited for what the future holds. Life is moving in a positive direction. Workouts are going good and the diet is consistently low carb with a sprinkle of vegetables. My goal this year is to be more consistent  with addressing my abs and core. I […]

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Armor Plated Chest Workout

Hey guys, hadn’t made a post in awhile and I felt like I had an awesome chest workout today so I felt like it would be a good time to share. My buddy Rock decided to work out today during our lunch break, so I was pumped and ready to kill a good workout! When […]

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Reps, Reps, and more Reps!

Good morning, gents! I’m going to keep it brief today. I’m no fitness guru, but I’ve learned a thing or two (and all the guys on this site have nothing but awesome fitness knowledge.) Today I want to talk about reps! You probably see this all over fitness forums and vlogs: less weight and more […]

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Head to Toe

Hey guys, I went to the gym last week and my intention was to cardio on the treadmill for at least two miles. Sometimes I like to just walk, clear my mind, and listen to music. There’s always funny action at the gym and I’m a huge fan of people watching. It was in the […]

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Feeder Workouts

Happy Labor Day to all! A couple of years back, I stumbled upon the concept of Feeder Workouts to supplement your day-to-day weight training regiment. I typed into YouTube How to make your arms bigger? A video from the late Rich Piana popped up and I was intrigued. He said that before you go to bed, […]

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A quick shoulder routine

Hey, everyone! I haven’t introduced myself yet to the site, but I’ll post on that some other time. Today, I thought I’d throw out a routine I did in a hurry at work. I wanted to hit the gym for at least 30 minutes and normally I’d hit shoulders and chest together, but as I […]

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