Armor Plated Chest Workout

Hey guys, hadn’t made a post in awhile and I felt like I had an awesome chest workout today so I felt like it would be a good time to share. My buddy Rock decided to work out today during our lunch break, so I was pumped and ready to kill a good workout! When […]

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My next adventure

Hello DadBodFit family hope all is well and everybody has many blessings to be thankful for this year. I always love this time of year as it brings back so many memories of my grandparents Tex and Coleen Cline. Grandma always loved the holidays. To this day and forever when I see a poinsettia flower […]

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Can’t we all just get along!

So I’m driving to the gym this week, listening to Rick and Brad on the Katt. And they are talking about how Colorado State university put out a statement recently asking that there freshman students now be referred to as 1st year students as not to refer to gender. They also would like for “y’all” […]

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a few thoughts on bulking and Bedlam

Hello DadBodFit family. Hope all is well, and everybody is ready for the Holiday season! The Hot Oklahoma days are turning into frigid Oklahoma mornings. Football is in full swing. Bedlam football this weekend! Boomer!!! Today I wanna talk about bulking. That’s a popular thing to say and talk about in the fitness community. “BULKING”! […]

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Family Affair….

My 15 year old son just wrapped up his football season and decided to start his off season workouts. He is not in High School yet, and isn’t capable of working out during school. The man child is 5’10 and around 230 lbs. He has been making good eating choices (avoiding chips and sodas).  I […]

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Go ahead….Make my CHEST day!

Hello DadBodfit family. Hope all is well and your bulking season is going well! Unless of course you wanna shred up then hope that is going well! Last week I talked a little bit about the “Iron Guru” Vince Gironda and his 8×8 BACK workout. Today I’m gonna lay out his chest routine. Ya see […]

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Big Guns, Big Fun

I’ve been saying that I was gonna start posting some of my specific routines. Well the time has come. So today I wake up and I’m gonna do a dedicated arm workout. I’m pretty excited, because as I’ve said before, I’m obsessed with big arms. I love em. I’ve been fascinated with them even as […]

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